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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2008, 12:08 AM

Feel like chattin' it up with yer fellow Survivor Hopefuls? Come on down to the Crossing Post:… and chat it up! It's also a great chance to ask questions or meet some pretty awesome people.


Hokay, folks. The votes have been cast; the tribe has spoken. Without further ado, I give you this year’s Survivor:

I think we can all agree what a hell of a choice this was to make—hell, most of you told me as much, and I don’t envy you guys the decision. The voters (and the voting) were incredibly split, and with excellent reason. Both entries were absolutely breathtaking. We have watched two fantastic artists and storytellers painstakingly build two equally compelling legends panel by panel, chapter by chapter, and taken this tournament to unprecedented heights. Congratulations to the both of you, and a resounding job well done. In laymen’s terms— HOLY GOD JESUS CHRIST STICKBEAST FRUITCAKE PUDDING CUP HEAD ON A SPIKE SHOPPING CART SNAKEBITE. THAT WAS AAAAWESOME, YOU GUYS.

But your fellow contestants can say it a whole lot better than I can right now, so I’m turning it over to them:


“Crow's entry left me gawking like a fool. Her character, Hunter has had everyone's attention since the beginning. After all, he was a 99% naked red-head in heels. During Holthe entire tournament there was not a single dull moment in Crow's story. After meeting Niko, it was like we were reading a old-fashioned buddy story. The story grew, as did the character Hunter. We learn that he isn't just some low down shmuck.

Now, Crow's finale was nothing less that pure storytelling brilliance. She brought together fan favorites and former finalists; Niko, Nigel, Todd, Craig, Alu, etc and banded them together in a way I never could have imagined. Comedy, story, fan-service and character was beautifully combined to make a great ending to Survivor: Deviant Art.”

“Throughout this entire tournament, TheCrowchan's entries have just consistently improved. (Which is even more impressive, considering how wonderfully they started out to begin with!) She not only brought a truly epic finale which had this humble viewer on the edge of her seat, but she did it with more style than I would have thought possible for a person to have. This entry really brought the whole tournament together, everything to a close and the characters and script were nothing short of brilliant.”

“she didn't just tell a story that went up and down. she spunm a net, that tied everyone in, and bound us all together. aliens and thieves, sharkcat-things and conmen, robots and angels and demons.....everyone got tied into one universe.

and she's darned pretty to boot.”

“Hunter was one of those contestants I knew who, even at Round 1, would be going forward in this competition. Crow had already proven to be adept at creating characters that were both memorable and fun to draw, and Hunter was no exception. He danced, wobbled, wooed, and ran (away from danger, mostly) through the rounds of S: Da and our hearts as well.

One reason Hunter has been such a joy to read and watch is because out of most of the people involved in the tourney, he was very REAL to me. He wasn't a zombie, he wasn't an angel or a demon, he wasn't a shark hybrid or a changer or a cyborg or a wizard (maybe a LOVE Wizard, but I digress). He was a naked guy with a gun and a feather boa who happened to be very flexible. And it was because of this that he had so much appeal to me.

Another reason for Hunter's success is Crow's beautiful story-telling. Survivor: DeviantArt was the coming together of a multitude of people and creatures, all with rich backstories and personalities. And a character was not measured by their strength, but in their personality and how well they were represented in their matches. Hunter was just loveable, and strong hearted. And Crow turned Survivor into the greatest buddy movie of all time by pairing :iconmanic-pixie:'s Niko with Hunter. Their dynamics drove most of Crow's stories, and her finale brought together many characters, and I'm honored that Craig and Ian got to play a part in the end.

Crow is the greatest example that a good story is what will send you to greatness.”

“what can be said about TheCrowchan... she's grown a lot and her trademark bright and colorful style has been refined over the course of these 6 rounds. it's easy to see that she works really hard to make a good entry, and her lettering techniques and dialog are captivating, to say the least. the story is easy to follow and i swear she uses Feng Shui on the scene and panel placement to keep yo reading. all the jokes had punch and the action really came through. aslo, hunter...hunter's not your average protagonist. but over all of these rounds, Crow-chan made you really give a damn about such a surly, opportunistic character. even through his scraggly dead-pan stare and his snide grins, he's just blazing with charisma, a great sense of justice, and a heart too--as you can see in his interaction with the sins and niko. her treatment of nigel was bloody delicious, and each page i was sort of living a bit...ehh...vicariously through my dear boy vera...yes. i'm positive no one has a bad thing to say about how Crow-chan treated their characters. infact, the interaction here, just like in all her entries, outtakes and extras, lent a lot of gravity to the S:dA universe. truly a great contender and a hard worker is found here in TheCrowchan.”


“ExiledDelusion's entries have been nothing short of amazing. Her devotion to telling the story leaves me envious. 38 pages of pure awesome illustration magic for the finale was a daunting task!. Seeing Mihayne's internal struggle was a great way to finish her story on S:dA island.”

"...Hunter, darlin', you're bold as brass and walk around in a Russian convict's hankie. You've earned my respect. <3 But the vote goes to Mihay. One of my kind were responsible for her death (or so I've heard), this is the least I can do to redeem us. ...Besides... she's cute as hell."

“I know everyone will say this, but for serious, this was a hard vote to cast. These two are hardly comparable because of their wildly different styles - not to mention their characters! - and their commitments to their respective character's stories have been clear and strong from the get-go. And you certainly can't say either of them have been any less than MAD with creativity. (Memorable moments: Mihaynye and Un-Fred vs. zombie dinosaurs rendered as SNES RPG game sprites; Niko and Hunter's board-game battle with witty commentary...)

After wavering back and forth for the past few days, I think I've finally landed, hard and solidly, on voting for exileddelusion and Mihaynye. (End of sentimental mush - hopefully; actual commentary begins now.)

Exiled's comics have been simply breathtaking, particularly in these last few entries. Mihaynye's epic, raging-storm, good-vs-evil fight against M was really a work of art (and my favorite entry of hers) - her technical and storytelling skills are superb and especially shone through in those pages. Every panel was an individual painting, either a beautifully lit portrait or some stunning composition. Her comics have an easy, readable flow, and her accuracy in perspective give her work a great visual depth.

Of course, comics aren't all art. Fortunately exileddelusion's script and character work are just as strong as her visuals. As an example, following up her M battle with an all-out silly, Ring-parody fifth round against Todd shows how easily she can go from drama to comedy.

She essentially created three characters for the tournament: the sweet and spaztic Mihaynye, her powerful and merciless archangel counterpart, and the bitter, recovering alcoholic Moof. Their own personalities were shown best through their interactions with each other and their competitors, who were each brought to life through beautiful rendering of individual dialogue as well as appearance. Their words perfectly matched their expressions, which definitely helped to give her last few entries (of epic awesome) the strong emotional variety and depth that they had.”

“Through their adventures, we have learned to love the dry wit and sarcasm of Hunter (and occasionally Niko) and the unwavering (sometimes) naitivity of Mihaynye (and the more than occasional cynicism of Moof). We laughed, cried and more than once, got incredibly embarrassed of their actions. It added to how much we loved them as people rather than characters we see on the screen.

The climax with the battle against the Sins resulted in Mihaynye and Hunter combating against each other indirectly forcing interaction from past combatants. This was an epic tale of good vs. bad.

I chose Miss Mihaynye as the winner of the tournament. Her character development and self-realization of her true goals against her all powerful, unyielding, unforgiving angel counterpart. She managed to fight back a part of herself that most others would spend their lives trying to have. She managed to keep her humanity."

“on Del-Borovic's entry: from panel to panel, what you see is the result of a ton of forethought, painstaking consideration, and striking execution. diverse and highly talented, del grew with each and every entry she put together. and true to form, she changed her style a bit every round, but here she gave us an entry that's comfortable to the eye, dynamic, and very vibrant. subtly, she set a deep mood and tone with each portion of the story she's telling. some shots in this entry are pure gold and look more like cover work than actual panel-to-panel, for instance, panel 18 with hunter's gaze and the strange possessed aura around him. the artist was also willing to give the star treatment to sooo many different players in this story (thats ALL the sins, Craig and Ian, Nigel and Vera, and Hunter and Niko) including the many extra characters she painted in page 5. all looked wonderful in her style, and my boys never looked so sharp (heheh, black-bones nigel :D). her storytelling was excellent and it had all the pacing and oomph i needed to keep me clicking through for the finale. also, you can see that Mihaynye finally got the resolve to handle her inner demons, and that's what a lot of us needed to see. what you end up with is a solid, well crafted story that has strength and really makes us wonder what kind of adventures Mihaynye will have in the future, or at least in the next tournament... well, hopefully :). anyway, del has really taken hold of her storytelling, begun to really trust in an unwaivering vision and has worked hard to make it real. i don't think anyone can tell this girl no, because she can't tell herself no--she'll work her hardest to make it a yes. i'm pretty sure she can do whatever she sets her mind to. from her audition piece until now, she's grown VOLUMES as a sequential artist and she's definitely found a fan in this one.”

Once again, congratulations to both finalists, and thank you for making this tournament what it is. Also, thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned, competed, and cheered on the fighters. This has been an incredible amount of fun, and a wonderful privilege and honor to have every one of you along for the ride.

Thank you again. And keep rockin’ on, everyone. See you next time. ;)

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If you have any questions, please read this first! If your question isn't answered, then fire away! :)

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Txenriks Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Student General Artist
xDD I'm just honored to have participated at all, but heck if this wasn't the best experience a first-time-competitor like me could've had.

So many absolutely astounding entries, so many characters to fall utterly head over heels in love with.

And, if any other ambitious younguns happen to read this, I'll be seeing y'all *fonz finger point* at the Colusseum.
Catiris Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Congratulations everyone!! That was an awesome survival to follow 8D

Since you said "see you next time" I hope next time includes me. And my OC. Surviving. ^o^;
L-James Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008   Digital Artist
Congrats to both of them. :3
LuckyBlackCatXIII Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008   Digital Artist
Congratulations!!!!! :dance: :boogie: :dance:

Good job you two! Hope something like this happend again soon!
cailencrow Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
And we finally reach the end. It's like when Todd and Cyril faced off...we were heartbroken to know that one of them lost, but again, like then, both of these contestants are winners.
RODCOM1000 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional General Artist
Congratz to :iconexileddelusion: on a well deserved victory! And to :iconblacklillian: on hosting a successful and fun contest!
Thanks again, Lil!
TheJohnsonDesign Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
you're the best, blackLillian. this has cost me a lot of blood, but damned if i didn't keep grinning at the onset of each round. i won't trade this experience for anything, and i'm looking so forward to the next competition that my hands are shaking...

again, thanks blackLillian, and thanks all you survivors out there. the next one's gonna be ugly...heheh, if you wanna make that happen...yes, blackLil.
Del-Borovic Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
omg ;-; all those comments.. for both crow and myself, just... wow T_T I think i'm tearing up. Thanks for rooting us on, everyone... I don't think I could have made it without the support of the fans! THANK YOU *_*
cailencrow Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Mul Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Although one of you is a super winner.

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